Patient Bill of Rights

Do you have an age limit?
We do not recommend children/minors to enter due to content and situations inside. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

How do I pay for the escape room?
There is a link in Visiting Hours. Explore and you will find it.

How long does it take to experience the escape ward?
45-60 minutes.

Will actors touch you?
No, but actors may reach for your attention for your lead.

What happens if I want to show off and harass actors and break things?
Punching/shoving actors is assault. We will fully prosecute anyone jeopardizing the safety of our staff. We encourage everyone to help each other in maintaining an entertaining time and keep your group in check. If you are overly distracting ruining the experience for others, we will ask you to leave without refund. Please treat our property with respect and enjoy yourself.

Is it wheelchair accessible?
The escape room is currently not wheelchair accessible.

Can I come drunk off my ***?
No. You will not be allowed into this attraction. You are a liability to yourself and others. It also may seem fun to come through loaded, but you will also miss most of what is intended to be experienced. This is not the type of event that is more exciting when inebriated.

Have you ever fought in a nuclear war?
Not yet.

Is the Cayo building actually haunted?
There is extensive history to the building, dating back to the 1860’s. That’s almost 160 years of activity in the building surviving through the ages. Stories have been brought forward by actors/tenants/customers witnessing strange occurrences.

Do you offer refunds?
No, ticket sales are final. Please arrive 15 minutes before your arrival. Once the escape room sequence has started, you will not be allowed inside if you are late.

Is there a Heaven or Hell?
In certain moment’s we explore regions of the earth only to find the areas in between.

Can I carry my belongings through?
We ask to please leave all handbags/backpacks locked in your vehicle. You will not be allowed to carry handbags or items inside.

How do I be an actor for Cayo Atrophy?
We select all Atrophy actors who are well experienced with the Cayo Industrial Horror Realm October attractions.

How long has the Cayo Halloween event been active?
Cayo is now 16 years in running.