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Cayo Industrial Horror Realm's 18th Halloween Season is here:
Rome, NY

2020 brings a closer look inside Cayo Industrial's representation of horror, conspiracies, conflicts, pandemics and hidden agendas of the real world. Walk through a labyrinth of twisted walls exhibiting horrific encounters and thought-provoking imagery.

UPDATE: Due to a national chemical warfare threat, ALL patrons must wear face masks when attending Cayo Industrial. Cayo is inside a building. This means wear a mask during your visit. If you arrive without a proper mask, you will not be able to enter, as with any other business in NY State. Is this a new normal?

Admission: Special pricing for the year 2020 at $20.

Purchase tickets at attraction location only, cash only, ATM on site. Tickets available all night 'til closing.

Children under 12 not recommended, but allowed under parental supervision and discretion.

Check FAQ for discount info.

The world shifts into the new direction, the need to feel human is modified by substance, the air we breathe alters decision, the foundations of life is shrouded with conspiracy. Technology eradicated the soul of the human, and autonomous thought ceased. Every aspect of life is altered by the science of man.