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Located only in Rome, NY

Cayo Industrial is a walkthrough horror haunted house style attraction inside an industrial warehouse in Rome, NY. Cayo is original themed of a post-apocalyptic nature.

2023 marks the 21st Season of Cayo Industrial Horror Realm. Cayo has been a seasonal staple and tradition for Halloween haunted house style entertainment destination to everyone in the CNY area and Northeast.

2023 Cayo Industrial shows signs of end times, war, viruses, our current states of impending despair. Walk through a labyrinth of horrific encounters, twisted halls, and thought-provoking imagery inside Cayo’s old industrial warehouse railyard location. This season brings elements of Archana Asylum, Revelations, Biotech, and Biowar into one extensive labyrinth...

A representation of horror, conspiracies, conflicts, pandemics and hidden agendas of the real world await you this Halloween season at Cayo in Rome.


A new one room escape room is available for this season. This is not the Atrophy Escape Ward, but one room based off of that production. It takes 15 minutes to experience, and tickets are sold only at ticket booth on a first come first serve basis. You will be given a time slot at the next open available time.


Walkthrough attraction: $25
1-Room Escape Room: $10 (limited availability)
Skipline passes: Varies nightly
Purchase tickets at attraction location only, cash only, ATM on site.
Tickets available all night 'til closing.
Children under 12 not recommended, but allowed under parental supervision and discretion.
Check Special Events for discount info.

CAYO reveals the horrors of impending chaos, foreseen to shadow, demise unto our living world.


23 = 23 = 23 23 = (2023) = 23 - 23 = 2023

False Narratives / Selective Information / Propaganda

Revelations unfold in present day. Clouds take pattern shaping a presence of war. Technology that unified lands will soon be used to separate the core. The great division. A scourge of conflicts erupt [11:11] economy wails as frailty shows in human mind, strategies of war spreads through veins of earth growing to further regions. A signal brings viruses continuing to effect in waves [7:77] false idols cast spells with fingers demoralizing senses [10:27] the perception for the real world becomes obsolete. Information convoluted to sway minds of masses, heads turn to lesser gods. Pages of revelations near end as all hands of fate join together. Scarcity of food and resources expire end of annum [99:99] riots chaos follow from desperation. Patterns repeat prophecies of a third war.