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CAYO INDUSTRIAL is seeking talented individuals to participate in this year's horror realm. Positions include acting and general staff. We only want serious persons who are responsible and open to being part of the team. Experience is based on your eagerness as well as ability to step outside yourself. Must be over 18. If you are free nights throughout October and desire horror, war, Halloween, flowers, biological warfare, and the chance to act in an insane environment throughout the month, this is the place for you.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be 18 or older. We would prefer anyone who can come every date and on time, is committed, take their role seriously, can work as a team, and eager to be there.

CONTACT: Email or visit and click the CONTACT link with personal info such as name, age, contact info, and a letter describing yourself and why you think you would be an effective tool for the event. Do not let the lack of experience towards acting deter you-- it is your drive to be creative that makes you in demand.